Ray Auker


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After a working life of making and teaching ceramics I have reached a point in my practice where I can freely explore ideas that appeal to me. Inspiration may stem from historical, cultural or natural sources, or even the qualities provided by ceramic materials. At times I will revisit past themes encouraging fresh buds to blossom on old roots.

I use a broad range of forming and firing methods to achieve the end result I am searching for. Any surface decoration relies mainly on manipulation or modelling to become an integral part of the form, although carved or brushed lettering can also play a part.

I enjoy the discipline in repetitive wheel thrown domestic pottery, teapots and bowls being favourite forms. My sculptural ceramic pieces require extra considerations as they are made up of individual units constructed to make up a whole.

No longer being tied to production or teaching, my current work is diverse and rarely follows a particular theme for long. I make because I love the challenges involved with working and playing with clay, coupled with the continuing desire to grow old creatively.

I am a selected member of Anglian Potters as well as Norfolk Contemporary Craft Society.